of the 41st International Mathematical Tournament of Towns
(after marking by the Central Jury)

General information about the calculation of results

Tournament of Towns usually consists of 4 rounds:
O-level autumn roundA-level autumn roundO-level spring roundA-level spring round

Every problem costs some number of points (a participant receives all the points for the problem if it is completely solved, and less if the solution is not complete). The result of each round is counted as the sum of three best marks (points for separate parts of a problem are summed up), multiplied by a correction factor.

Correction factors are necessary to equalize the conditions for participants of different grades solving the same tasks.

Correction factors for the 2019 – 2020 academic year:

≤6th grade2.00
7th grade1.50
8th grade4/3
9th grade1.00
10th grade1.25
≥11th grade1.00
The final result for the academic year is the maximum of the results in four rounds.


A participant of the Tournament is able to get one of two awards:
  • Winner's Diploma of the International Mathematical Tournament of Towns, awarded by the Central Jury;
    For the 41st Tournament the Winner's Diploma is awarded for participants having earned 12 or more points.
    The list of winners is published below.
  • The local Organizing Committee and the Jury have the right to award participants who have written fairly good works but didn't get enough points to obtain the Winner's Diploma of the Tournament.
    For example, some Moscow participants of the Tournament are usually awarded by a Reward on behalf of the Moscow Organizing Committee and Jury (In 2019, for 5 or more points at the autumn rounds).

    Correspondence table of marks and points.

    Winners — 41st Tournament of Towns