Rating of towns

More than 100 towns/cities from more than 25 countries all over the world participate in the Tournament of Towns every year. After summarizing the results rating of each Tournament is counted.

How rating (R) is counted:

1. For each town its special number (T) depending on its population is counted. The value of T is the maximum of 5 and the population of the town (N) divided by 100000: T = max (5, N/100000)

2. Then mean score (Av) of T best student's results from the town is counted. If Central Jury has received papers of less than T students from the town, Av is counted for their results.

3. When population of the town is less than 500  thousands people, Av is multiplicated by the coefficient K=1+(500–N)/800. Rating of the town R=Av*K.

4. Only the towns that sent to the central examination papers of 5 or more students receive a rank in the rating table. Other towns are also included into the table, but have no position in the ranking list.

Rating of towns by tournaments:

42nd Tournament of Towns (2020/21)Marking is going on
41st Tournament of Towns (2019/20)alphabeticranking
40th Tournament of Towns (2018/19)alphabeticranking
39th Tournament of Towns (2017/18)alphabeticranking
38th Tournament of Towns (2016/17)alphabeticranking
37th Tournament of Towns (2015/16) alphabeticranking
36th Tournament of Towns (2014/15) alphabeticranking