The Summer Conferences of the Tournament of Towns

The «Conferences» of the Tournament of Towns differ from usual scientific conferences. They have no «plenar talks», «section talks», or an official program. Rather they are informal meetings of the best participants of the Tournament of Towns and of their attending teachers.

One of the goals of the conferences is to provide a possibility for capable school students to start research work. For this, organizers offer them interesting difficult problems (traditionally they are called projects) which often can be linked to open mathematical problems. Even explanation of the conditions for such problems can take a whole lecture. Because of that the presentation of the problems takes at least a day of the conference schedule.

Solving of such problems requires a large amount of time and considerable intellectual efforts. Because of that the process of solving has a free form: a large amount of time (a few days) is assigned, solutions can be made by a person or by a group (such group does not always coincides with “a team” that came from the same town). The Jury assigns deadlines for written solutions (by tradition, there are two deadlines called “the intermediate finish” and “the final finish”). The presented solutions are examined, and degree of progress is evaluated. Then the analysis of solutions is carried out. Some problems after the first deadline are removed from the contest. Sometimes after that new problems are added. Success criteria also differ from the traditional ones: success of the participant is estimated by his/her maximal progress in one of the projects. I.e. in fact there are many simultaneous competitions (one for each project). Many participants cannot choose a single projects and solve different problems at the same time.

Meanwhile all participants, school students as well as teachers, get possibility for recreation, intense creative work and interesting communication.

The 36th Summer Conference of the Tournament of Towns

The 36th Summer Conference of the International Mathematical Tournament of Towns is to be held August 3-11, 2024 in Innopolis (Tatarstan, Russia).


35th2023 Ratmino, Moscow region, Russia
34th2022 Ratmino, Moscow region, Russia
33rd2021 Sudislavl, Kostroma region, Russia + online
32nd2020 online (was postponed and held in January-February 2021)
31st2019 Aranđelovac, Serbia
30th2018 Dakhovskaya, Adygey, Russia
29th2017 Dakhovskaya, Adygey, Russia
28th2016 Pereslavl-Zalesskij, Yaroslavl region, Russia
27th2015 Dakhovskaya, Adygey, Russia
26th2014 Kaliningrad-Ushakovo, Kaliningrad region, Russia
25th2013 Borovka, Vitebsk region, Belarus
24th2012 Teberda, Karachai-Cherkess, Russia
23rd2011 Beloretsk, Bashkortostan, Russia
22nd2010 Teberda, Karachai-Cherkess, Russia (Recommendations of Jury)
21st2009 Teberda, Karachai-Cherkess, Russia
20th2008 Mendeleevo, Solnechnogorsky district, Moscow region, Russia
19th2007 Minsk, Belarus
18th2006 Lake Seliger (Baranovo, camp "Chaika"), Tver region, Russia
17th2005 Mir, Grodno region, Belarus
16th2004 Mir, Grodno region, Belarus
15th2003 Pereslavl-Zalesskij, Yaroslavl region, Russia
14th2002 Beloretsk, Bashkortostan, Russia
13th2001 Subotica, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia, Yugoslavia
12th2000 Camp "RUSICHI", Maloyaroslavets, Kaluga region, Russia
11th1999 Camp "RUSICHI", Maloyaroslavets, Kaluga region, Russia
10th1998 Hamburg, Germany
9th1997 Pereslavl-Zalesskij, Yaroslavl region, Russia
8th1996 Uglich, Yaroslavl region, Russia
7th1995 Novi Sad, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia, Yugoslavia
6th1994 Beloretsk, Bashkortostan, Russia
5th1993 Beloretsk, Bashkortostan, Russia
4th1992 Miass, Chelyabinsk region, Russia
3rd1991 Chelyabinsk, Russia, USSR
2nd1990 Viitna, Lääne-Viru County, Estonia, USSR
1st1989 Nõo, Tartu County, Estonia, USSR

Materials of the conferences from  5th to  7th were published in special editions of the Information Centre of the ToT. They will appear on this page later.