How can I participate in the Tournament of Towns?

Visit the page "Geography" on our website and look for your town in the list of towns where the Tournament is held. If your town is on the list, use the address shown there. If any problems occur, please contact us by  e-mail : and tell us where you live — we will inform you about possibilities for participation.

If your town is not on the list, then probably some other town from the list is relatively close to you, so contact the local organizers there. For example, many participants from towns around Moscow participate in the contest in Moscow.

If all of the above fails, the only thing left is to find a person who will organize the Tournament of Towns in your town. The size of the town is not important (it can be a small village or a huge city), neither is the number of participants (there can be a few participants, and in some cases the contest was held for only one participant). Such a person can be your school teacher, or a teacher of a math circle, a university student, a member of your family or any adult whom you know. The only important thing is that this person should take responsibility for organizing the whole tournament from the beginning to the end: to invite school students who are interested in mathematics to participate, to monitor that the rules of the Tournament are upheld, to send the works of participants to the Central Organizing Committee in time, and, if it will be the case, to distribute to participants the diplomas issued by the Central Organizing Committee.

If you will find such a person (cheers!), he\she should read the rules of the Tournament and contact the Central Organizing Committee (the sooner, the better). Good luck!

On summarizing the results of the Tournament

Each problem of the Tournament of Towns is a certain ammount of points. The number of points is indicated on the problem sheet. If a problem is solved partially, the participant gets a smaller number of points.

The result is calculated using THREE PROBLEMS with the biggest number of points, that the student has gotten. If a problem consists of parts, points for different parts of the same problem are summed up. A participant who has shown high result at any round is awarded with a diploma of a winner of the Tournament of Towns.

In addition, local organizing committees can give prizes for smaller but rather successful results.