Distant (correspondence) contest of the Tournament of Towns

winter 2019 — 2020

What is it?

Distant contest of the Totunament of Towns — is an opportunity to solve interesting problems, similar to the projects of Summer Conferences of the Tournament of Towns, and also one more opportunity to become its participant. The competition is individual and aimed at students of the last 3 school grades (as 9-11 in Russian school system).

This school year we offered you to solve one problem, consisting of many small items.

Winners of the contest will be awarded by invitation to the ToT Summer Conference 2020.


  • Problem 1. The Violet Problem by A.K. Tolpygo


    The jury decided to award diplomas to the following participants:

    • for maximal advance in solving problems of the contest:
      • Borislav Kirilov (Sofia)
    • for essential advance in solving problems of the contest:
      • Nikolay Spivak (Moscow)
      • Aahan Chatterjee (Mumbai)
    • for advance in solving problems of the contest:
      • Ivan Mikhailov (Moscow)
      • Matvey Nikolsky (Petrozavodsk)
      • Alina Nurysheva (Naberezhnye Chelny)

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